Common Questions

Managing Change

How can we create lasting change in our organization that enhances employee contributions, team performance, and organizational effectiveness? How can we plan and implement changes that really take hold and produce desired results?

Making Mergers & Acquisitions Work

How do we anticipate the integration issues and cultural compatibility before merging or acquiring? How do we plan and implement the integration of two organizations to get the results we are looking for as quickly as possible?

Downsizing or Resizing the Organization

How do we design and conduct layoffs, divestitures, and closings in a manner that readies the surviving employees, minimizes the pain and maximizes the gain? How do we use the downsizing or resizing as an opportunity to build a better work place?

Recovering after Transition

How do we recover from a mismanaged merger or a difficult downsizing? How do we get surviving employees to look forward to new business opportunities rather than continue to look back and lick their wounds?

Building Team Work

How do we identify and address the causes of poor teamwork in underperforming groups? How do we take a good team and make it even better? How do we concurrently build teamwork while addressing pressing business issues?

Enhancing Leadership

How do we develop the appropriate leadership behaviors to execute our strategy throughout the organization? How do we align executives and managers to lead when they are occupied with delivering today’s results?

Identifying Inhibitors to Organizational Effectiveness and Productivity

How do we identify and correct the key roadblocks to desired business results? How do we “unfreeze” people so they are more open to change and “refreeze” employee behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions that are congruent with new organizational realities?

Communicating Strategically

How do we harness the power of upward, downward, and lateral communication to implement organizational change and transition? How do we get all executives, managers, and supervisors to communicate more effectively?

Overcoming Resistance to Change

How do we implement necessary changes in strategy, structure, culture and work when our people have been numbed by constant and on-going change and transition over the past few years? How do we deal with a workforce that is more ambivalent to change rather than outright resistant to it?